CEREC Single-Visit Crowns

CEREC Single-Visit Crowns in Portland, OR

dentist showing female patient CEREC machine and equipment, Portland OR CEREC single-visit crowns

Who says getting a dental crown has to be a hassle? If you need a crown you mustn’t put off treatment. The sooner our dental team restores your damaged smile the better! However, when you’re busy, it can be tough to schedule several appointments to get a dental crown molded and fitted. 

That's why Summit Dental now has a convenient solution that eliminates the need for multiple visits! Dr. Dewey and his team can now provide patients with permanent dental crowns in just a single dental visit. Now, you don’t have to worry about scheduling multiple visits with us just to get the restorative dentistry you need.

The Convenience of CEREC

Life can be hectic and your time is valuable. We'd like you to know that at Summit Dental, we value your time as well. Thanks to CEREC technology—the latest digital CAD/CAM technology—Dr. Jeff Dewey DDS can offer patients same-day dental crowns that are made and placed in about two hours right here at our Portland, OR practice. 

If you’ve ever had to get a traditional crown, then you know the process often took 2-3 visits. This was because we had to send your impressions to a dental lab and then wait for them to make your crown. Now that we have CEREC technology right here in our practice, we can design, fabricate, and place crowns all in a single visit.

Process For Getting a CEREC Single-Visit Crown

CEREC technology combines infrared imaging with CAD/CAM technology to take exact measurements of your teeth using a digital handheld device (instead of those messy, putty impressions). Then the images are uploaded into our special computer software where they are turned into 3D photos. From there, we use the software to design a crown that fits perfectly over the tooth based on these measurements.

illustration of dental crown assembly, CEREC single visit dental crowns Portland, OR

Once the crown has been designed, the information is loaded into our milling station. We will then choose the block of porcelain that most closely resembles the color and shade of your tooth and then the milling station will carve the crown out of the block of porcelain. It only takes a few minutes for the machine to fabricate your crown.

Now the fitting process can begin. We will place the crown over the tooth to check the fit and your bite to make sure that the crown fits perfectly. Once we’ve checked the crown’s fit, we will cement it permanently to your tooth.

CEREC & Your Portland, OR Family Dentist

Dr. Dewey does his best to stay up to date on the latest techniques and technology that the dental industry has to offer. He strives to provide the highest quality care possible for all his patients.  We are proud to provide CEREC technology to our patients to help make their dental care more comfortable and convenient.

View before and after photos of CEREC crown restoration.

Do you have a tooth that needs protection after a root canal or is damaged and needs to be restored? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Dewey to find out if CEREC single-visit crowns may be right for you! Call Summit Dental in Portland, OR today at (503) 644-7202 to make an appointment.

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